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Meditative singing in Indian raga

In this choir I want to share my experiences in meditative singing using overtones and making phrases in the structure of the Indian raga. Also I want to offer you the experience of entrancing patterns from Indonesian gamelan and western minimal music through singing. The material is based on the sargam, the Indian do re mi. Each session starts with meditative long tones singing in low register. In unison we will sing glissando structures moving from one pitch to another. Compositions for the choir are arrangements of traditional Indian songs and compositions inspired by minimal music and gamelan. 
THURSDAY EVENING  20.00 until 21.30 
ADDRESS: Het Gamelanhuis, Veemkade 548, 1019 BL Amsterdam
5 September - 12 December  € 150

Free introduction on 29 August



06 1740 6860